Ordinary humans led by King Bantayan,a comatosed man,living only in a life saving device and dwarves maintaining it,are being annihilated by the all-powerful evil king Bagulbol and his creatures of the dark,created from human hatred and human experiments. To end their tribulation, mankind’s leaders paid a mercenary with exceptional fighting skills to defend them. That mercenary is Exodus,the drifter.

Nearing their extinction, King Bantayan and the leaders of men dispatched Exodus on a quest to capture five elementals to aid them in the final battle against King Bagulbol. Exodus was able to convince the last Earth (Tikbalang), Wind (Aswang), Fire (Santelmo), and Water (Water Nymph) elementals and they became allies in ridding the land of evil.Later it was revealed that Exodus is also last of the remaining Baylan (priestly race),exterminated many years ago by King Bagulbol.His minions are created by the human captives that was experimented and allowed hatred to consume them.

Exodus and his enchanted friends fought several enemies,including a whip wielding General,an Executioner,an Archer and a Harpy like creature and were victorious.Exodus faced both Bagulbol and his card reader sidekick and beat them,while the remaining human defenders are holding their ground,suffering severe casualties and destruction of their last hideout due to evil minion attacks.They conquered humankind’s greatest enemy and peace was again established.And the Elementals return to their places.He recreated his father’s kingdom with the remaining humans.

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